Brain Image Analysis, LLC

Precision Brain Morphometry

About Our Company

Brain Image Analysis is a small business operated specifically to provide services to researchers who have need for brain morphology measures.  Our research is focused on developing and implementing methods to measure what you need.  If we don't already have procedures to meet those needs, accurately and efficiently, we are likely already working on them.

Our Motivation

Brain Image Analysis was founded in 2010 by Ronald Pierson.  He worked in imaging at the University of Iowa for 12 years, most recently as the Administrative Chair of Imaging for PREDICT-HD, a 32 site, 1,000+ participant, international study of prodromal Huntington disease.  Ten of those years were spent working with Nancy Andreasen on the  Iowa Longitudinal Study of Schizophrenia, an imaging study that has followed participants for two decades and has investigated many issues, including recent findings on the effects of antipsychotics on brain morphology. During this time he formed collaborations with numerous researchers from around the world who had unmet needs for good brain morphology measures.  Too often researchers had unsatisfactory or incomplete brain measures to address their research questions even after they had set up the tools, trained their staff and invested large proportions of their budgets and  years of effort.  They were reinventing the same wheel, running into the same issues, and looking for the same solutions.  This company was created to assist researchers with those imaging needs, freeing up their time, effort and precious research funds to address more pressing aspects of their research.

Previous Work

Listed below are some of the publications that the founder has been involved in, either in his work at the University of Iowa or through outside affiliations.  They are a short list of the hundreds of publications based on BRAINS-processed data.

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